November 20, 2014

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Our Goal at Keene Web Works is to give our clients an opportunity to compete with the best in their field, no matter what size their business might be.

We pledge to convey in our website designs, a pleasant viewing experience, an effective message and a look that reflects the professional image of your company.

About Us

Keene Web Works was established in 2005, as the new face of Creative-Imaging Design – our first website company, founded in 1995.

We encourage you to browse through our site to view the work we have done over the years. Because every business is different, we custom design and program all of our web sites to meet the needs of our clients. We feel that our work speaks for itself and we hope you’ll agree!

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Dear KWW,
I have only been acquainted with Keene Web Works for a matter of hours and I am already deeply impressed and relieved.

For some time now, I have been uncomfortable with my designer, feeling pressured at the end of each year to renew our contract, though I felt the cost was too high for us and the services unsatisfactory and impersonal. I didn’t know how to change companies, and frankly felt a bit held hostage by my lack of knowledge of what I needed to do to move away from that company.

Finally, I decided to bite the bullet and make the move this fall. I started to do some research about hosting companies, got some names, including yours, from members of our Board. It was a stressful, frustrating and disillusioning process until late this afternoon, when I called you.

Thank you for working with me to break through the difficulties placed in the way today. As things took longer than you expected, your willingness to help us with the cost for this conversion impressed me very much.

Then, when your message came through with a special discount for us as a non-profit, I was really touched. Thank you for being different. 

Wishing you a peaceful evening,
– Catherine at Saint Joseph’s


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